• Is LMRA First completely paperless?

    Yes, LMRA First is completely paperless. It is of course possible to print out reports of the validated documents ☺ However, the age of LMRA strictly on paper is gone !

  • How much time and money do we save with LMRA First?

    You can count on an estimated time gain of around 2 hours. After 1 year your investment will have paid for itself !

  • How does the analysing and reporting work?

    All the information will be saved on your smartphone. The data will automatically be send to a secured server as soon as there is a connection with the internet. You have the extended safety instructions by hand when you are making the analysis.

  • Is LMRA First 24/24 available?

    If you have any questions in regards to the use of your LMRA First app, you can contact us by phone (6.30-17.30h) or by email (24/24)

  • Is the Kinney analysis integrated?

    An objective Kinney analysis is integrated in the app. This is a handy tool for evaluating risks and/ or as substantiation when doing Safety Observation Rounds.

  • Will there be a positive evolution in the safety behaviour of my staff?

    Preferably collectively reward the teams that show outstanding safety behaviour. This way, colleagues will encourage each other into showing improved safety behaviour.

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