What if you are faced with a deadly incident?

Just imagine: You started work as Interim Maintenance Manager. The previous management of the company didn’t give much thought to enforcing an applicable safety policy; even an MMS-System has been overlooked. With the new management in place, there is a sudden change of direction: The decision was made to become an industry standard and to make safety the highest priority.

And then destiny strikes: A deadly incident that was caused by a fundamental breach in safety conduct takes place in a ULO cold store (Ultra Low Oxygen). The exact employee that you trusted, the one with more than 14 years of experience, the one that you had your eye on to promote as a future supervisor… has passed away. The shock that you’re experiencing is beyond measure.

The emergency services were clear: “In the past 15 years, this is already the 4th deadly incident in similar circumstances that we have witnessed”. That means that the captain of the emergency team faces one deadly incident every 3.5 years.

The result: I was so shaken by the incident that my mind kept chewing on the details. During many sleepless nights I tried to analyse the situation: What could have been done to avoid this? Which tool can I develop to be one step ahead and prevent a repetition of this tragic incident?

  1. Questions for the LMRA-section:
    Where, when, in which circumstances, and with which notifications?… Does the executor have the necessary safety knowledge? Is the safety knowledge applied, how is it validated and can we intervene in real time?
  2. Kinney-section:
    When receiving notifications it is a necessity to generate a Risk Prediction number to substantiate the safety conditions in that particular situation.
  3. General checklist as a supportive tool to correctly evaluate a particular site/ situation.
  4. Offline reports
  5. Ad hoc analysis with minimal interaction.

9 months later: Safety Behaviour Change”, the software package which combines the highest quality safety requirements is now available as an app. which is compatible with Android 4.4.

And it works! Yes, you can rest assured that from now on you can follow-up and take corrective actions towards the safety behaviour of any employee who is working with the app. No more shortcutting the safety procedures by completing ‘Final checklists’ during the breaks Before and during the execution of work, the user will be made aware of possible safety risks by ever changing safety questions. Important points of attention are repeated and the employee is gauged towards the correct attitude and alertness. All those who are involved, whether it is in a direct or indirect way, are guaranteed to stay alert during the execution of work. There will be no difference in safety approach whether it is a routine task or a new task.

The use of this app ensures that employees and their supervisors alike, will always and in every situation –either new or routine- stay alert. We, as developers of SBC hope that we have contributed to improving the safety in your company towards a more efficient and goal oriented approach. Our goal is to avoid any possible work related incident in your company.

We share the same goal with you:
To avoid any work related incident !